R&D and Innovation

The Informatics Law (8.248/91) provides an interesting tax incentive mechanism to the companies, so the obligations of tax collections can be redirected to Research & Development (R&D) investments. By compensating taxes with investment, the companies are able to develop innovative projects which provide substantial return through products introduction and/or enhancements of products and processes and, consequently, raise its levels of quality, competitiveness and profitability.

Additionally, the Sector Funds on Science and Technology are important tools of financing and funding sources for Research and Development (R&D) programs, by applying financial resources to innovative projects in different sector fields, associated to the most relevant and strategic economic sectors, regarding technologic content or incentive to research activities. Among the sectors covered by the Sector Funds, there are power, petroleum and gas, mining, Telecommunications, Informatics and water resources.

Since July 2004, through Transversal Actions, there is a new possibility of accessing simultaneously the resources originating from different sector funds.

Apart from that, there are also other specific programs for stimulating R&D activities, always emphasizing the energy sector.

FITec’s challenge has been giving support to its clients from the conception and elaboration to the implementation and managing the R&D projects, by using effectively the mechanisms provided by the Informatics Law, the Sector funds and other specific instruments of incentive to R&D activities development.

Through the experience and knowledge of its professionals, FITec has developed many projects for clients from different sectors and sizes, qualifying and mentoring regarding the adequate exploration of the incentives provided by the mechanisms of R&D activities stimulation.

FITec’s support to its clients starts with the diagnosis of necessities and the survey for requisites, then the elaboration of projects and, finally, the functional implementation. In case of Sector Funds and other mechanisms that demand a previous approval by the incentive entity, FITec puts at their clients’ disposal services like consultancy and support about formatting of the projects which will be submitted, guaranteeing the best probabilities of the project being approved.

  • Effective exploration of the incentive mechanisms for developing R&D / S&T innovative projects;
  • Return on investments through the practical execution of projects which add value when introducing and/or enhancing products and processes;
  • Using FITec’s capacity for technological innovation and qualified knowledge as instruments to increase the competitiveness levels of the clients.