FITec – Technological Innovations

FITec is a not-for-profit private foundation, accredited by the Science and Technology Ministry, together with Information Technology Area Committee (CATI). The accreditation allows FITec to benefit from agreements with enterprises which are part of Informatics Law and to execute projects and activities of research and development on Communications and Information Technology areas.

The services executed by FITec include software development, electronical equipment design (from its specification to support and production), essays for product certification, engineering services, apart from consultancy and outsourcing of technical workforce. Besides, it performs as an Engineering extension of technology companies.


Created in the nineties, FITec is an Institute of Science and Technology (ICT) accredited by several Brazilian bodies, authorized to enter into agreements with beneficiary companies of the Incentive Laws to Technological Research and Development.

Its staff has about 350 employees, consisting of doctors, post-docs, masters, postgraduates, graduates and technicians, with vast market experience and great qualification in the areas of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, IoT, Management, Industrial Design and Production Engineering, distributed among Recife, Campinas, São José dos Campos and Belo Horizonte.

This team, working alone or together with partner teams from around the world, in recent years has developed Hardware, Firmware and Software projects in the areas of: Telecommunications, Information Technology, Electric Power, Biomedical Equipment, Industrial Automation (4.0), Assistive Technologies, Auto Industry and Logistics.

FITec has already developed more than 600 R&D projects, including the design of more than 200 electronic equipment. Its solutions have been installed in more than 25 countries, with successful cases of project development in the Industry 4.0, Logistics, Telecom, Energy, Agribusiness, Mining, Education, and Health sectors.

The diversity of subjects and the complexity of the involved areas require employees and management to always be kept up-to-date, working in human resources improvement and new employees training.


Since its foundation, FITec has been characterized by values and actions that go beyond its R&D activity, always improving and solidifying its practices as a socially responsible corporate citizen, contributing to citizenship and community development promotion within its competitive advantages. It expresses its values and ethical principles in its commercial and operating practices.

In this sense, it also carries out social promotion and support actions with different communities in the regions where it operates, with the direct participation of employees in different activities.


  • Recife – PE
  • Campinas – SP
  • Belo Horizonte – MG
  • São José dos Campos – SP

Job Opportunities

We are driven by the satisfaction of our clients and results and, for this purpose, we need talented people, who are passionate about what they do and who want to go even further.