Throughout the years, FITec developed expertise in different areas, turning into an important partner for companies that seek for optimized solutions with high added value which use modern and reliable solutions without neglecting the related costs.

The activities are developed through technical consultancy, Engineering or development services, depending on the needs of our clients or partners. Depending on the service’s nature, they can make use of any existent incentive. Learn more about R&D & Innovation ›



  • System Integration
  • Network and Protocols Engineering
  • Transmission and Transport Systems
  • Equipment Development
  • Equipment Nationalisation
  • Database Creation and Conversion
  • Software Customisation
  • Convergent Network Consultancy
  • Security of corporate and operative networks for critical environments
  • Invasion test (pen tests)
  • Tests of Product Acceptance
  • Surveys for Product Certification
  • Consultancy and Training in Technology


Electricity Sector

Intelligent Mediation

  • Meter Data Management (MDM), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Automatic Meter Reading (AMR);
  • Support to the whole elements chain for AMI solutions (MDM, HeadEnd, Network of communication/concentrators/metering and associated protocols) – specification, development and tests.

Communication Technology for Smart Grid

  • Wireless, optical fiber, cables and PLC (Power Line Communication) solutions;
  • Development of Telecommunications Solutions applied to Smart Grid

Information Systems Development and Integration

  • Applications Development for Business Intelligence in Electricity Sector;
  • Geospatial Systems, Geographic Information System (GIS) and applications that require mobility;
  • Partnership with suppliers in the sector of equipment and automation systems customization in order to support the Brazilian market requisites (HW & SW);
  • Tools for people, assets and processes management, rising up the company’s efficiency.

SCADA and Communication Network Infrastructure

  • Construction of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, making the remote applications reliable.
  • Excellence in knowledge and solutions of critical cyber security infrastructure.

Substation Automation

  • Security and monitoring systems, with cable or wireless;
  • Simulation systems and Interoperability, Conformity and Performance tests for SEP digitalization, using IEC 61850.

Demand-Side Management (DSM) and Energy Efficiency (EE), including demand control, price information and program of demand peak reduction.

Communication Network Management, using SNMP (TCP/IP & UP) control standards, monitoring and management of configuration, failure, interoperability and performance.


Stochastic Analysis and Reliability

  • Probability and Distribution, Stochastic Processes, Traffic; Statistics: Sampling analysis, confidence intervals and Hypothesis Tests, Reliability;
  • Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Processing, Dynamic tables, Data Mining, OLAP Cubes, Control graphic.
  • Optimization Techniques: generic algorithms, K-Means



  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Sensing and Telemetry
  • Ticketing
  • M2M Communication applied to public transport


Manufacturing Process

  • Consultancy in Productive Process Management and Optimisation
  • Jig and Test Tools
  • Processes Automation