FITec develops products in many types or modalities of contracts. The most common are the creation of teams to be dedicated to our customers and partners and the execution of projects with defined scope, following requisites previously agreed. Depending on the nature of services, they can use the existent incentives. For more information, see R&D & Innovation.

In the dedicated teams, our professionals work exclusively at our partners’ projects, increasing the knowledge in their internal processes and the efficiency of the daily activities. All the activities are followed by our managers in order to guarantee that our employees are always focused and have the necessary qualification and motivation to the execution of the projects.

When working in the defined scope modalities, requirements that will be developed are defined and all the activities are performed with FITec’s technical management, guaranteeing that the hired scope can be delivered by the deadline and the agreed costs, with maximum quality.



  • Mobile applications
  • Web portal
  • OSS/BSS Platforms
  • IPTV Platforms
  • Information System Development
  • Methodology of Software and System Development
  • Methodology of Device Drivers
  • Database Project
  • Software for Real-Time Systems
Commonly used technologies:

Programming Languages

Python; Pearl; C; C++; Delphi; Visual Basic; C#; Java; ASP/ASP.NET; PHP; HTML; JavaScript; CSS; PL/SQL.


Oracle; MS SQL Server; PostgreSQL; SQLite; OLAP; Datamining; MySQL.

Operational Systems

UNIX; Linux; Windows; Android; VxWorks; QNX; FREE RTOS; Contiki OS.

Versioning Control



Visual Studio .NET; Eclipse; NetBeans; Oracle Apex; QT; Code Warrior; DSP Studio; IAR; Keil; PK 51.

Web Server

Apache HTTP Server; Apache Tomcat; GlassFish; Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services); WebLogic.


Struts; Spring MVC; Primefaces; Jakarta Commons; Log4J; Hibernate; EclipseLink; Jgoodies; PhoneGap; iReport; Jquery; Junit; QT SDK; Angular JS.


XML; JSon; Jmeter; Jprofile; Web Services.


Eletronic Equipment Development

  • Projects of Analogical and Digital Electronic Circuits (Projects of Multilayer Plaques, Projects in SMD Technology)
  • Adjustment of products to manufacture (DfX)
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Integrated circuit board layout
  • Product Engineering
  • Integration of Solutions with DSP
  • Solutions in Programmable Logic (FPGA, EPLD)
  • Embedded Systems (HW, FW, SW)